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Hands On Custom Made

We transform your idea into a custom made machine

About us

Hocuma for Total Product Handling | Hands On Custom Made - We transform your idea into a custom made machine!

Hocuma stands for Hands On Custom Made. Specializes in what slows down a process and therefore requires extra attention. Automation is our passion; every day we work with great pleasure and an eye for detail on our systems. Our team consists of skilled and substantiated technicians who take pride in meeting the high quality standards that we set ourselves. With a high degree of engineering and programming skills, we create unique solutions that are suitable for your problem. Challenge us to develop a rounded solution that exceeds your expectations!


inpak systeem | inpakmachine | Hocuma

Our Advanced Plant Packaging Solution

Discover our innovative tray system for packaging plants. Our automated box erectors ensure a perfect fit without sealing it, while our taper securely closes the boxes. Afterwards, we add a strap to secure it. Your plants will be protected and arrive in top condition to the customer.

Fast Packaging of Flower Buckets with the Bucket in Box Method

Discover our advanced machine for packaging flowers! With this machine, buckets of flowers are effortlessly placed into boxes. Subsequently, the boxes are transported to the next process on a conveyor belt. Efficient and seamless packaging has never been easier!

Fully automatic packaging of flowers

Discover our advanced fully automated packaging line for flowers in buckets. With the assistance of our bucket dispenser, the buckets are seamlessly transported to the casepacker, where they are automatically packed with fresh flowers. Once the boxes are securely taped, they are effortlessly stacked on pallets by our palletizer. Thanks to our innovative pallet destacker, the palletizer can operate continuously and efficiently, ensuring a smooth production process and saving time. Explore how our packaging line elevates your flower packaging to the next level!

Optimize Your Pet Food Packaging Process with Our Advanced Case Packer

Discover the benefits of our pet food case packer, specially designed to quickly and efficiently package pouches of pet food into boxes. This advanced machine provides a perfect solution to streamline the packaging process, reduce manual handling, and increase productivity.

Fast and Versatile Machine Handling

With the help of this machine, we can package cups in a crate, and that too at high speed. Whether it’s crates, boxes, or trays, we can handle it all.

flower packing | Packingmachine | Hocuma

Effortless Flower Packaging with Our Innovative Machine

Discover our new machine that easily packs flowers into boxes. This system allows for either taping or strapping the boxes, making the packaging process effortless. Take advantage of this user-friendly system that simplifies flower packing.

versatile tray handling | Hocuma

Enhance Bakery Efficiency with Our Multifunctional Tray Handling Machine

Experience optimized bakery operations with the versatility of our state-of-the-art tray handling machine. Simplify and streamline your processes as our innovative solution takes charge. From efficient tray handling to seamless integration into your workflow, our machine offers unmatched flexibility. Elevate your bakery’s productivity and precision with our game-changing technology.

“We employ a high level of engineering and programming skills to create efficient, customized solutions that seamlessly integrate into your process.”


Custom-made packaging line for floriculture

We are proud that we have delivered a successful custom-made packaging line to an enthusiastic customer! This packaging line is specially engineered to efficiently and carefully package tulips in buckets in boxes and prepare them for shipment, with our box closer and palletizer.

Are you ready to grow your business? Contact us for more information, and maybe we can create a custom-made line for your business.


Van der Salm

Hocuma Projects has installed a Reisopack 2905 strapping machine at Van der Salm Boskoop in collaboration with Steenks Service. The fully automatic strapping machine including corner lath machine is integrated in an automatic packaging line. In this packaging line, various types of plants are packed in boxes, stacked on pallets and strapped so that they can be transported safely. Previously, this work was carried out manually at Van der Salm Boskoop. With this packaging line, Salm Boskoop saves 10 employees.


Bunnik Plants

Bunnik plants came up with the question whether we could automate labour-intensive operations in the plant industry so that fewer people are needed and more work can be done faster. It concerns people who put plants in a box from a height, which is a very labour-intensive operation. By means of a case packer and palletizer, they have gone from 16 employees to 6. The 6 people who are still on the line have lighter work and can therefore keep up the work longer than before.


Wellness Pet Food

Facing the need for a quicker and more efficient pet food pouch packaging solution, Wellness Petfood successfully implemented a state-of-the-art casepacker. This innovative system not only accelerated the packaging process but also resulted in significant labor savings, lightening the workload of two employees. The successful adoption of this technology showcases Wellness Petfood’s commitment to operational excellence and highlights the positive impact of embracing modern solutions in the pet food manufacturing industry.


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